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Trust the experts at Midland Dairy Chemicals Ltd to keep your farm running smoothly, safely and efficiently. Based in Derby, we cover the Midland countryside.

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Midland Dairy Chemicals Ltd is an independently run business based in Elvaston. We specialise in supporting dairy farmers within a 100-mile radius of Derby and across the Midlands. We tailor all of our services to suit your needs and can supply everything you need when it comes to dairy chemicals, foot bathing, rainwater harvesting and more. We supply some of the top brands within the sector including Neogen, Progeine and Nettex and we are the Midlands' main dealer for Smaxtec. If you run a dairy farm, contact us for advice and information today.

Look after your dairy operation with a wide range of services and products

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We all know that foot bathing is essential for herds when it comes to preventing infectious diseases that can cost both time and money. We supply all the chemicals you need for the foot-bathing process and can offer advice to help this preventative measure be successful.


Good dairy hygiene practices are critical when it comes to producing safe, high quality milk. We have a range of dairy chemicals from top brands at affordable prices. These chemicals are designed to help you maintain your hygiene levels during every aspect of milk production.


Rain water harvesting is a fantastic way of using natural elements to help make your dairy farm a success. Harvesting rain water can supply drinking water for large numbers of cattle and is a great investment. We design and install full harvesting systems. Contact us today to find out more.

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