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Stallion Compartmentalised Feeder 12 Teat


12 Teat STallion Compartmentalised calf feeder.



The Stallion MM12 Compartmentalised Feeder 12 Teat is a robust and efficient solution for calf feeding, offering practicality and reliability for your farming needs. With an impressive 70-litre capacity and individual compartments holding a minimum of 2 litres each, this feeder ensures an organised and streamlined feeding routine for your calves.

Crafted with durability in mind, the strong hook-over brackets guarantee secure placement, providing stability during feeding sessions. The user-friendly design includes screw-in Peach Teats, enhancing the overall feeding experience by ensuring a smooth and readily accepted process for your calves.

Maintaining hygiene is made easy with the feeder’s easy-clean feature, simplifying maintenance and creating a clean environment for optimal calf rearing. The compact dimensions of 350H x 530W x 1230L mm make the MM12 Teat Compartmentalised Feeder suitable for various setups, accommodating both experienced farmers and those new to calf care.

Whether you have a smallholding or a larger farm, the Stallion MM12 offers a reliable and practical solution, prioritising the well-being of your calves.

Key Features:

– 70-litre capacity with minimum 2-litre compartments.
– Strong hook-over brackets for secure placement.
– Screw in Peach Teats for a smooth and comfortable feeding experience.
– Easy-clean design for hassle-free maintenance.
– Dimensions: 350H x 530W x 1230L mm.

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