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Stallion Smart cow feeder 1 teat


1 Teat smart cow feeder.



The Stallion SC1 Smart Cow Feeder 1 Teat is a square bucket feeder meticulously crafted to bring precision and control to the feeding process. The graduated scale on the inside ranges from 1 litre to 6 litres, allowing for accurate measurement and efficient feeding.

Practicality takes centre stage in the design of the SC1 Smart Cow Feeder. Equipped with a peach teat adapter and screw-in peach teats, this feeder ensures seamless compatibility with all Stallion feeders. This thoughtful design not only enhances ease of use but also underscores the product’s versatility, making it a valuable addition to contemporary dairy farming practices.

Key Features:
– Square bucket feeder with a graduated scale for precise and controlled feeding (1 litre to 6 litres).
– Peach teat adapter and screw-in peach teats for compatibility with Stallion feeders.
– Innovative design for optimal functionality and ease of use in modern dairy farming practices.

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